Stuart Wilson

Stuart paints exclusively in oils and has a distinctive style that has developed over many years and today is unmistakable. His paintings are characterised by the use of vibrant colours, texture and shape to impart great depth and create strong images of sea, sky and landscape. His paintings range from small and detailed to very large, textured and bold.

Much of Stuart's work is influenced by his travels throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. Recent paintings have included large river-side scenes from the Nile in Egypt, where Stuart has built up thin washes of oil in order to capture the mood and distinctive light resulting from the interaction of bright sun on water. In a contrasting series of paintings, Stuart has used bold strokes and texture in order to capture the haunting bleakness, huge skies and raw landscape surrounding the power station at Dungeness in Kent.

Stuart studied at Wakefield College and Falmouth School of Art and Design and subsequently taught art and design in academic institutions in Cheshire, Humberside and London. He now teaches art from his studio in Woking, Surrey. Stuart has exhibited in a number of London galleries and in Surrey.